Centered on results from the customized PREPARE Inventory for couples, Marriage Mentoring is an individualized 6-session program for engaged couples to meet with a married couple from their parish to prepare for marriage.

It is a couple-to-couple relationship that seeks to help engaged members of our community live out their vision for marriage. The primary goal is to equip couples for a happy, healthy marriage by teaching them vital skills in communication and conflict resolution, and by sharing their own life experiences. 


The sessions cover the following topics:

  • strength and growth areas
  • spiritual beliefs 
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • relationship roles, expectations and in-laws
  • financial management, leisure activities and parenting
  • sex and affection


Marriage mentors are married couples who are motivated and excited to help guide premarital and newlywed couples through the challenges of beginning a life together. The following are key qualities marriage mentors embody:

  • accepting

  • empathetic
  • emotionally open and willing to self-disclose
  • encouraging and enthusiastic
  • motivated to help others
  • non-judgmental
  • sincere
  • warm 


Each couple will meet with a marriage mentor couple from their parish for six sessions. It is recommended that premarital couples begin the process of marriage mentorship at least three months prior to their wedding in order to accommodate the number of sessions across the busy schedules of four New Yorkers. Content for the sessions is provided and based on the results from the Prepare Enrich online assessment. All marriage mentors must be trained by the program director.