This is a part-time role, working 6-8 hours a week from our Crown Heights parish office and gathering location. If you feel you are qualified for the position, please send a resume and cover letter to Dimetra Barrios, Pastor of Family Ministry.

Trinity Grace Church does not provide relocation assistance. 

Brief Description

The Children’s Ministry Coordinator is responsible for assisting family ministries by ensuring smooth communication and effective programing in the children’s ministry. The coordinator will assist in communicating with volunteers on a constant basis, which will aide toward an expression of God’s love and His Word by laying a foundation that will keep parents and children involved in church ministry. 

 Anticipated Time Commitments

Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: 1-3 hours a week preparing curriculum material, meeting and handling preparations, with 4-5 hours a week (8:30 am-1pm) on Sundays during our gathering.


  • Meet with the Pastor of Family Ministry once a week (preferably Tuesdays)
  • Develop the schedules for volunteers
  • Print and email weekly curriculum to all volunteers 
  • Work with Family Ministries to recruit and support volunteers for Sundays and church wide events (retreats, All-Parish Gathering, etc.)
  • Responsible for communicating with volunteers regarding the Children's Ministry (schedules,  coverage assistance, reminders, upcoming events, new recruits, etc.) 
  • Make snack and supply orders as needed
  • Keep track of supplies
  • Serve at church retreats and All-Parish Gatherings by fulfilling leadership responsibilities and requirements (twice a year)
  • Demonstrate the vision for Children’s Ministry and communicate it to parents and children 
  • Assist in organizing trainings and parent sessions for Children’s volunteers
  • Meet with volunteers quarterly for training and support
  • Send out Planning Center invites to volunteers
  • Implement and demonstrate the values in the children’s ministry covenant


You’re contributing to the team in the way we expect when...

  • You serve humbly and graciously, submitting yourself to the your local elders, your Parish Pastor, and in all things to Christ who is the Head of the church.
  • You have a servant like and positive attitude in everything you are asked to do.
  • You show initiative and fulfill your responsibilities.
  • You continually help us find new and better ways of doing things.
  • Things are mentioned once and you “get them done.”
  • You are professional and represent our church well.
  • You model a godly life and pursue the way of Jesus.
  • You remember things the rest of the team forgets.
  • You demonstrate a genuine desire to do whatever you can to support the Parish Pastor (being proactive in looking for things you can take off the Parish Pastor’s plate, volunteering your support to the rest of the parish team when your workload seems light).
  •  You laugh a lot.
  • You honestly think it is an honor to be a part of this movement.